The 9 Best Block Island Bars

The 9 Best Block Island Bars

Do you like the smell of ocean, the endless horizons, good music and cute tiki huts? Well, Block Island Bars will give you just that and even more.

If you’re searching for a perfect spot to get a refreshing drink with your family or a fun late night out with friends or partners, this article will help you pick the best Block Island bar for tonight!

1. Captain Nick’s Rock-n-Roll Bar

πŸ“ Where to find them? 34 Ocean Ave, New Shoreham, RI, United States

Captain Nick's Rock and roll

Captain Nick’s Rock-n-Roll bar is conveniently located on Ocean Avenue, just after passing through the only four-way-stop on the island.

If you fancy great music, lip smacking cocktails, and a night of dancing then this is just the perfect spot for you.

Captain Nick’s one of the very few places that always seems full, making it one of the few places that actually reaches its capacity on some busy nights.

If you have never been to this place before, let me tell you something. There are two stages for live music. During the day, the smaller outdoor stage is typically used, while the larger indoor stage takes the spotlight at night.

The indoor area is only accessible to those who are 21 and over. However, on Sunday afternoons, people of all ages can come still enjoy the live music.

Img Src: Svadore

Remember to carry your ID card with you as often many get asked to show a valid ID as the indoor place is for 21+ only. Also, this place is cash only!

Check out their website for more info.

2. Poor People’s Pub

πŸ“ Where to find them? 33 Ocean Ave, Block Island, RI 02807

Img Src: Poor People’s Pub

Let us tell you about Poor Peoples Pub – it’s hands down one of our all-time favorite spots for fantastic food and it has a really sweet bar. Their Tuna burger is out of this world with incredible savory sauce.

The best thing about them is their simple approach which they take pride in, making it a truly authentic place.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Poor Peoples Pub really awakens with dance parties, adding excitement to the already vibrant atmosphere. While you’re at it, checkout their Rehab Brunch on Sundays where they also serve $5 mimosas.

If you’re into sports, this bar is a great place to hangout and catch a game on one of their many flat screens.

At Poor People’s club, either you can sit inside, watch sports or music, or you can sunbathe outside on the patio while eating. I’m not much of a sports guy, but I loved the vibe I was getting when a game was one, and beer bottles were clanking. There was so much positive energy.

If you love live music and pork, coming here in early June will reward you with all-you-can-eat pork and live entertainment. Make sure you bring enough napkins for the meat sweats.

Check out their website for more info.

3. Spring House Hotel

πŸ“ Where to find them? 52 Spring St, Block Island, RI 02807

Img Src: gfontecchio

The Spring House Hotel, the oldest hotel on the island, promises an authentic New England experience when you visit.

Besides delicious meals, you can also enjoy their bars – one on the outside and another indoors. A true gem for a delightful island experience.

The Spring House Hotel’s outside bar offers a picturesque oceanic view, only to entrance you while you groove to the live music. You can enjoy nightly performances throughout the summer, ranging from solo pianists to full bands, adding to the ambiance.

And if you walk just a few meters in front of the hotel, you’ll find a large rolling grass hill decked with white Adirondack chairs, providing a perfect spot to relax and take in the scenic surroundings. It’s a place to unwind and soak in the island’s beauty.

The Grasshill is not exactly located at the bar but a little away. It, however, gets serviced by the staff, making it convenient to enjoy a drink while relaxing in the white Adirondack chairs.

4. Yellow Kittens Tavern

πŸ“ Where to find them? 214 Corn Neck Rd, Block Island, RI 02807

Yellow Kittens Tavern holds the prestigious title of being the oldest nightclub on the island, and it’s the go-to late-night spot for everyone.

With live entertainment primarily kicking off at 10 pm, it’s no wonder that both locals and tourists bid their night adieu here. It’s a pretty common to run into wedding parties here, as people flock to the tavern to celebrate and dance the night away. The electrifying atmosphere and energetic vibe make it a go-to destination for a memorable evening.

With an lots of options including DJ sets, live bands, live stand-ups, and Latin dance nights, a good time is always guaranteed.

For those who prefer a more relaxed evening, early live jazz shows are also available.

Los Gatitos, the deck area of the establishment, welcomes guests during the summer months, opens from 11:30am to 7:30pm.

5. Club Soda

πŸ“ Where to find them? 35 Connecticut Ave, New Shoreham, RI 02807

Club Soda on Block Island is a true favorite among the locals, making it perhaps the most “authentic” experience you’ll have on the island.

What sets this place apart initially is its unexpected location, nestled right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

This casual spot attracts many local islanders and young adults living or working on the island during summer, giving it a unique and down-to-earth vibe that resonates with the local community.

It’s a really fun bar with lots to do and nothing over the top. You’ll find giant chessboards, Foosball, live music, open mic, and a lot more to entertain you on different days. Their Facebook page usually announce the events so keep an eye out if you’re on the Block Island.

6. Ballard’s Beach Resort

πŸ“ Where to find them? 42 Water St, Block Island, RI 02807

Img Src: Ballards Facebook

Ballards Beach Resort is one of the most amazing places to hang out. You can enjoy a drink or two at one of many tiki bars to experience this place in all its glory. Furthermore, this place has one of the best Block Island beaches.

It has the perfect tropical vibe to this place, and services usually start at 10 AM. You can delve into their cocktail menu or just sip a chilled beer.

The laid-back island lifestyle is prominent in this resort. Whether you want to unwind or celebrate, this beach side resort and bar sets the right mood. With late night beachfire, the ambience truly comes to life.

Img Src: Ballards Facebook

Ballard hosts daily live music performances during the summers at their beachfront, and you can also enjoy the live music inside or on the patio. Ballards have an event calendar on their website with schedules of performances. If you time your visit right, you may get to enjoy the Reggae fest or country fest.

Img Src: Ballards Facebook

7. Mahogany Shoals

πŸ“ Where to find them? 133 Ocean Ave, New Shoreham, RI 02807

Located at Block Island’s Payne Dock, you will find Mahogany Shoals. This bar has been running for very long, and many generations of the family contributed to the legacy of the business.

Its deep-rooted history and connection to the local community have made it a must-visit destination for those looking to experience an authentic piece of the island’s culture and tradition.

The bar offers exquisite access to a bustling marina with hundreds of boats, shops where you can buy sporting goods and other supplies, and several eateries.

There’s always something happening at this vibrant waterfront. It’s a lively area that offers many activities and shopping opportunities, making it a hub of entertainment and a great place to explore whether you’re a local or a visitor.

At the bar, you can enjoy live music every night, matching the local vibes. You’ll find all kinds of people like sailors, locals and tourists having a blast in the evening. If you like sunsets, Mahogany Shoals will give you that with plenty of relaxation and fun.

Don’t forget to carry cash.

8. Block Island Oyster Bar and Grill

πŸ“ Where to find them? 251 Spring St, New Shoreham, RI

Img Src: Block Island Oyster Bar Facebook

This family-owned restaurant and bar strike differently. It offers a great view of the marina and the ocean, further complimented by good food.

Img Src: Block Island Oyster Bar Facebook

The place is known to serve some of the freshest and quality seafood in the area. The shrimp served with Cognac pepper cream sauce is amongst the many favorite of the locals.

You can sit inside, on the deck, or in the garden near the fountain while showering in warm white lights. If you time your visit correctly, you may get to witness a beautiful sunset while chowing down savory food.

Live music and open mics become a regular thing during summers if you fancy some good country music with delicious food.

9. Old Island Pub

πŸ“ Where to find them? 85 Ocean Ave, New Shoreham, RI

Old Island Pub on Block Island is a much cherished local hangout spot known for its cozy ambiance, delicious pub fare, and live music. The ocean front with stunning views, white sands and plenty of fresh air makes the Old Island Pub a must visit.

It is one of the staples on Block Island, where you can spend quality time drinking your favorite cocktail and enjoying the delicious Tuna Toastada.

They host regular live events, and their staff is friendly, so you will always feel welcome. You can sit on the deck outside or inside for leisure time. It is best for a small family time out or friends gathering to play pool.


From comfy, sophisticated to elegant and scenic, Block Island bars have it all. You won’t ever feel like you’re missing out on one thing or another. You choose what kind of bar you want to go and Block Island will give you one. Friendly people, good music, warm ambience and delicious food, these bars are more than enough to satiate the most.

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